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...it's better when someone's watching...

...put on your red shoes and dance the blues...

Melissa Mayhem
11 December
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someday i'll let you in on my secrets.....

All friends are ages 18 and over. No underaged friends whatsoever.



80s, 80s movies, 80s music, aesthetics, afi, alice in wonderland, apple martinis, astrud gilberto, bass guitar, baths, bettie page, billie holliday, billy idol, black, blondie, bob marley, bondage skirts, bongs, boobs, boots, bossa nova, burlesque, butt rock, caffeine, cam shows, chuck palahniuk, citykittie, cky videos, cleavage, coffee shops, collin rae photography, confidence, corduroy, corndogs, corsets, curves, david bowie, dazed and confused, december, dita von teese, dive bars, drew barrymore, edie sedgwick, elastica, electroclash, emily the strange, empire records, eroticbpm, espresso shots, etta james, exhibitionism, fetish, fishnet stockings, france, french, girls, glam, glamour, hair dye, halloween, honesty, hot pants, ice cream, in-n-out, indie, inkygirls, jack purcells, jackass, jamba juice smoothies, jane magazine, joan jett, johnny knoxville, jurassic 5, kate spade bags, kevin smith films, kittens, kurt cobain, leg warmers, lips, los angeles, low rise pants, m.a.c., make up, manicjane, marijuana, massages, midori sours, mod, mr. show, my so-called life, nirvana, nofx, pale skin, parker posey, paul frank, pedicures, piercings, piglets, pinball machines, pinup girls, pipes, portishead, prodigy, pulp fiction, punk rock, reading, reality bites, red, red lipstick, rocky horror picture show, rose mcgowan, run dmc, scarface, sharpies, sid vicious, silence, slap bracelets, stars, steak, stick shift, studio 54, sublime, supercult, sushi, tattoos, the big lebowski, the clash, the cure, the doors, the hives, the house of yes, the nightmare before christmas, the pixies, the ramones, the real world, the roots, the simpsons, the strokes, the wedding singer, the white stripes, tinkerbell, varla girls, vibrators, vice magazine, vintage, voyeurism, water, weed, writing, zippo lighters